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SCA Dashboard

You can track the details of your Shopping Cart Abandonment campaigns with the SCA Dashboard. Variables such as Carts Abandoned vs. Carts Recovered will be identified for the given time period as well as a Revenue Breakdown diagnostic. The SCA Dashboard can be used in conjunction with the Conversion Dashboard to provide a complete portrait of the ROI generated by your email campaigns.

To activate the SCA Dashboard:

Listrak Fusion Apps

The SCA Dashboard is found under Listrak Fusion Apps.

SCA Dashboard

Analysis Definition

Abandoned Carts are broken down to share Identified vs Anonymous and Repeat Purchasers vs New Purchasers in a pie chart format.

Hovering over a portion of the pie chart will result in a pop-up box depicting the number of abandoned carts that can be defined by that measure during the time period.

Click this button to print the chart.

Click this button to export the chart as a .png, .jpg, .pdf or .svg file.


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